The Highest Quality Hospital Furniture

Manufacturing of the highest quality hospital furniture

Edrich Engineering manufactures the highest quality hospital furniture available for purchase in South Africa. The thorough manufacturing process transforms the premium raw materials into a high quality, final product ideal for use in the medical field.  All cold roll steel materials used are of the best quality and best suited to form durable products that can be used in hospitals, clinics, frail care units and for home care. 
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Raw Material Acquisition

Acquiring the raw material which is then cut and punched to size

Welding & Spot Welding

Materials are then welded or spot welded together to form the product structure


The products are grinded down to resemble a polished product prepped for the next step

Mild Steel Washing & Degreasing

All mild-steel products are washed, de-greased and prepped for powder coating


All mild-steel products are powder coated according to the order colour specifications, assembled and wrapped for delivery

Stainless Steel Polishing

Stainless steel products are polished and assembled and then wrapped for delivery